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Bakery Mixer and Related Equipment

Bakery Mixer and Related Equipment

Investment Amount: $10,000.00

We have successfully sold Mixers from China in the past and feel that they also have some great future potential. We have focused on the 10 to 30 quart table top sizes and have had success in the light commercial, catering and serious home chef customer base. We will bring this product in and initially focus on marketplace sales and establishing a brand. Once established we will build a brand site or merge it into an existing brand site and then a retail site selling these products with other related products and then offer these products to wholesale distributors and special order items for other related items from the same manufacture. The following links are both additional information about the 10 year history of the company and the agreement governing becoming an Inventory investor/owner:

Inventory Investors Outline

Business Cooperation Agreement

YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Investors Inventory Assets $9,860.14 $12,573.96 $14,444.44 $17,566.29 $20,149.25
Estimated Turnover per Year2.22.633.23.3
Estimated Sales Volume/Year$60,000 $85,000 $110,000 $140,000 $165,000
Estimated Net Sales Price$650 $650 $660 $660 $670
Estimated Cost/Ocean Freight$235 $250 $260 $265 $270
Estiamed Gross Profit/item$415 $400 $400 $395 $400
Estimated Advertising Percentage17%18%16%15%15%
Estimated Fixed Cost Percentage34%33%32%31%30%
Estimated Annual ROI39%36%48%55%60%
Estimated Investor Net Profit$3,853.85 $4,478.85$6,933.33$9,693.94$12,128.73
Estimated Inventory Reinvestment$12,573.96 $14,444.44 $17,566.29 $20,149.25 $0.00
Estimated Investor Payout $1,140.02 $2,608.37 $3,811.49 $7,110.97 $32,277.99
Estimated Accumulated Payout $1,140.02 $3,748.39 $7,559.88 $14,670.85 $46,948.84