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Community Outreach Program

At Web Direct Brands, Inc. we believe that pool fencing is a must have for every pool. Community safety is an important priority for our company, which is why we started offering the Sentry Safety Pool Fence collection to our customers. But just selling the pool fence isn't enough, true safety and piece of mind comes after installation.

This is a nationwide outreach program which is available exclusively to customers who have purchase a Sentry Safety brand pool fence from one of our websites:,, or

Obtaining your rebate is simple, upon finishing the installation of your pool fence, e-mail us your detailed digital pictures* of the finished installation to along with your name, address and invoice #. Then we'll send you a rebate of 5% off your pool fence purchase (excluding the cost of applied tax or shipping).

In working with safety products we have learned how important it is not only to the families that have the safety equipment installed but also to the surrounding homes that proper safety precautions are taken. Web Direct Brands, Inc. strongly encourages that after purchase, the installation be performed so that the community as a whole can become safer.

We'll review the pictures and when needed send tips to improve your pool fence. It's a great way to get money back for doing something right. Start the pool season out right with a properly install pool fence and money back!

*By submitting photographs for the Safety Rebate Program you are agreeing to have your property and all persons in the photo displayed on our website and company associated media accounts.

Community Safety
Forest Brown EZ-Guard Pool Fence
Check out this great aerial shot sent in by John from New York. Seen here is the Forest Brown EZ-Guard Pool Fence and matching EZ-Guard self-closing, self-latching gate.
Visiguard Pool Fence
Very happy customer Janet from Georgia, is thrilled with their newly added Visiguard Pool Fence, she writes: “Thank you so much for this product. I have let my friends know that is the best company to work with. Thank you for helping me take care of my grand babies. Tony 3 and Brayden 2.” The pool fence has brought Janet and her husband a great piece of mind, allowing them to enjoy their time with their grand kids when playing outside.
Above Ground Pool Fence
Audrey sends us this great photo of her above ground pool fence installation. It may not be the summer season yet, but the addition of the above ground pool fence you get year-round safety.
Visiguard Pool Fence
This shot of a summer oasis was sent in by Darcy from Nevada. Seen in the image is the brown Visiguard Pool Fence that's paired up with the Visiguard Pool Fence Gate. The color of the pool fence blends in perfectly with its surroundings while creating a safe environment for everyone.
EZ Guard Mesh Pool Fence Installation
This awesome aerial view of a backyard pool was sent in by Angela from Michigan. Seen in the photo is the E-Z Guard Pool Fence and E-Z Guard Pool Fence Gate. The addition of the pool fence ensures the safety of both children and pets.
EZ Guard Mesh Pool Fence Installation
John and Theresa from Florida tells us: The EZ Guard Sentry Safety Pool Fence we recently purchased was extremely easy to install. Your instructions were excellent and your service has been outstanding. It gives us such peace of mind for the safety of our child and friend's children having it installed around the pool.
Visiguard Pool Fence
"We LOVE our fence. I had ordered the EZ-guard fence in brown but upon hearing that it was out of stock, I was talked into going with the Visi-guard in white. Extremely happy that I went with that fence, love the visibility that it offers and yet feels very safe for our 2 year old. As you can see in the pic, the fence looks great."

Thank you, Joshua

5 FT Visiguard
This beautiful pool and patio area was sent in by Thomas from sunny Florida. Seen in the photo is the 5ft tall Visiguard Pool Fence and paired with the Visiguard Pool Fence Gate. With the help of the existing pool enclosure, the pool now has all-around security.
E-Z Guard Pool Fence
These Florida homeowners added the 4' tall E-Z Guard Pool Fence with the addition of the hook and eyes locking mechanism.
E-Z Guard Pool Fence
This successful pool fence installation was sent in by Brianna from California. The combination of the E-Z Guard pool fence and self-latching self-closing gate add security and accessibility the parents can count on to keep the little ones safe.
E-Z Guard Pool Fence
This excellent pool fence installation was sent in by Ben from Phoenix, Arizona. Seen in the photo is the E-Z Guard Forest Brown pool fence, turning the pool area into a safe environment for the kids and the pets too!
Visiguard Pool Fence
Here’s a great Visiguard Pool Fence installation sent in by Sunil from California. Seen in the photo is the tan colored Visiguard pool fence along with the Visiguard self-closing/latching safety gate.
Above Ground Pool Fence
Xianyu from Michigan has fully prepared their above ground pool for winter. With the addition of the Premium Pool Fence, there won't be any worries of kids or critters entering the pool during the off season.
E-Z Guard Brown Mesh Pool Fence
Here’s a perfect example of one of the great benefits the E-Z Guard Pool Fence has to offer. Jesse from Michigan sends us this photo of their newly added pool fence, creating a safe perimeter the kids won’t wander into.
EZ-Guard Pool Fence
This picture perfect installation of the EZ-Guard Pool Fence was sent in by Jun from California. The pool fence divides the backyard into two segments, separating the garden and the children's play area from the pool section. They were also able to install the fence over a stepped section, which allows all around safety. A job well done!
Visiguard Pool Fence
Click the image to view all the different shots sent in by Steve from Texas. This installation is one of the more unique ones, in which they installed the Visiguard Pool Fence in select areas around the pool, providing security where needed most.
EZ-Guard Pool fence
Another successful pool fence installation sent in by Cara from New Mexico. Seen here is the EZ-Guard Pool fence with the EZ-Guard self-closing self-latching gate, a perfect combination that provides secure accessibility while keeping your loved ones safe.
EZ-Guard Pool Fence
This EZ-Guard Pool Fence installation photo sent in by Aaron from Arizona shows how the pool fence nicely contours to just about any pool shape, allowing you to choose how much of the pool deck you want covered.
Visiguard Pool Fence
Sent in from Indiana, Larissa shows off her newly added Visiguard Pool Fence, making this Zen-like pool area more relaxing oasis by keeping unwanted guests out.
Ezguard Fence-May
This awesome photo was sent in by Anthony from Las Vegas. Anthony says: VERY impressed with our fence. Installation was easy and it keeps our two toddlers out of trouble. Thanks for a great kit!
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