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Built In Grill

Built In Grill

Investment Amount: $10,000.00

Built in Grills Represent an interesting opportunity. Built in Grills can be sold either with or without an outdoor kitchen Island. Initially we will sell the grills on Marketplaces. This sales channel will allow us to learn about the grills and how they are used before we create a full site that will focus on DIY installer of outdoor kitchens. Since we are already in the business of welding Driveway gates, we can easily expand to the building of outdoor kitchen frames using the drops from our gate building operation. This offering will be unique on the internet and will offer the DIY installer huge advantages over designing and engineering their outdoor kitchen by themselves. Additional offerings on this site will include refrigerators, cabinet doors and sinks that will fit into the kitchen frames that we build. The following links are both additional information about the 10 year history of the company and the agreement governing becoming an Inventory investor/owner:

Inventory Investors Outline

Business Cooperation Agreement

YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Investors Inventory Assets $9,636.36 $11,316.57 $12,558.14 $16,279.07 $18,181.82
Estimated Turnover per Year2.22.633.23.3
Estimated Sales Volume/Year$60,000 $85,000 $120,000 $160,000 $180,000
Estimated Net Sales Price$750 $780 $860 $860 $870
Estimated Cost/Ocean Freight$265 $270 $270 $280 $290
Estiamed Gross Profit/Item$485 $510 $590 $580 $580
Estimated Advertising Percentage20%19%18%16%14%
Estimated Fixed Cost Percentage34%33%32%31%30%
Estimated Annual ROI33%50%89%100%112%
Estimated Investor Net Profit$3,200.00 $5,688.46$11,162.79$16,353.49$20,400.00
Estimated Inventory Reinvestment$11,316.57 $12,558.14 $16,279.07 $18,181.82 $0.00
Estimated Investor Payout $1,519.79 $4,446.89 $7,441.86 $14,450.74 $38,581.82
Estimated Accumulated Payout $1,519.79 $5,966.68 $13,408.54 $27,859.28 $66,441.10