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Child and Pet Toting Trailers for Bicycles

Child and Pet Toting Trailers for Bicycles

Investment Amount: $6,500.00

This unique product is easily towed behind bicycles to carry either a child or a pet in a fully enclosed carriage. Some models can be converted into push models for running. This model will be most successful being sold on marketplaces supported by a strong brand site. Additional sales can be achieved by wholesale sales to other website that specialize in related products like sites dedicated to bicycles and running enthusiast.The following links are both additional information about the 10 year history of the company and the agreement governing becoming an Inventory investor/owner:

Inventory Investors Outline

Business Cooperation Agreement

YearYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5
Investors Inventory Assets $6,045.45 $6,656.80 $6,410.26 $7,572.12 $8,024.69
Estimated Turnover per Year2.22.633.23.3
Estimated Sales Volume/Year$35,000 $45,000 $50,000 $60,000 $65,000
Estimated Net Sales Price$250 $260 $260 $260 $270
Estimated Cost/Ocean Freight$95 $100 $100 $105 $110
Estiamed Gross Profit/Item$155 $160 $160 $155 $160
Estimated Advertising Percentage20%18%16%15%15%
Estimated Fixed Cost Percentage34%33%32%31%30%
Estimated Annual ROI23%36%53%54%58%
Estimated Investor Net Profit$1,400.00 $2,371.15$3,384.62$4,084.62$4,634.26
Estimated Inventory Reinvestment$6,656.80 $6,410.26 $7,572.12 $8,024.69 $0.00
Estimated Investor Payout $788.65 $2,617.69 $2,222.76 $3,632.05 $12,658.95
Estimated Accumulated Payout $788.65 $3,406.34 $5,629.10 $9,261.14 $21,920.09