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Using Feng Shui to Design a Swimming Pool
Feng Shui means "wind water", so it is no wonder that the element of water plays a large role in creating a balanced environment. One point of consideration for many home owners is the location of the family pool. Because water collects energy - the phrase from which Feng Shui is derived is "Qi rides on the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water" - it is important to make sure that any larger body of water on a property is properly balanced and placed in an auspicious location.

In Feng Shui, still water is symbolic of stored wealth, depth of knowledge ( Feng Shui 15), and relationships (Water 1). As a result, swimming pools can be connected to the wealth of the occupants of a home - no wonder they have become a status symbol of the affluent! It is important to note, though, that the pool should be well kept (Feng Shui 16) and used often to promote the collection of positive energy; if it grows stagnant, it can collect negative energy instead (Surendran 8). For the same reason, it is advisable to select a pool that is not too large for the property, as it can be overwhelming, or too small, as it might represent only a small amount of stored wealth (Weber 5).

Another consideration is the location and shape of the pool. A pool directly behind the home (in a direct line behind the front door) can mean missed opportunities (Astra 13). Other sources point out that a pool to the left of the door (front door) is auspicious, but to the right, it can be associated with an unfaithful husband (Peace 1, 4). Oppositely, a large body of water can attract male suitors (Water 7). Also, pools should never be within a building, especially a multi-level building, as water above or below is inauspicious (Astra 16). Similarly, bodies of water should be S shaped, or some other curved, meandering shape, to give a sense of flowing water, and thus flowing money (How 16). It is important to keep away from sharp corners, and use instead rounded shapes like a kidney shape, circle, or octagon (Weber 5). These organic shapes prove stronger because they are innately connected to the water within the body (Feng Shui 16).

Additionally, since Feng Shui is about finding an auspicious location in time and space, the auspiciousness of a location can change over time. For instance, pools are auspicious in the north, southwest, east, or southeast until 2043 (Weber 5). The northern location is associated with career, the eastern with relationships, and the southeast with wealth - place the pool in the appropriate direction for the energies to affect the life area desired (Dempsey 2).

Because a pool is a large area of one single element, it is important to balance it with each of the other elements - metal, wood, earth, and fire (Weber 5). This is actually very easy to do, considering that many families must erect child pool fencing to protect their little ones. Safety pool fencing is often made entirely of metal for above ground pools, or contains steel rods in the posts (for instance, in mesh pool barriers). Be sure to check with the manufacturer or dealer - a lot of mesh pool fencing doesn't use metal in the posts, and it's essential to have that for balance. and are two stores that sell mesh baby pool fencing with steel rods. The influence of metal is important because it strengthens qi (Water 3). Furthermore, because an open pool can be thought of as leaking, since it isn’t fully contained and the water energy can seep out, it is important to use child safety fencing to symbolically stop any leaks - leaking can be associated with financial drain (Wheelcox 5).

For wood and earth, it is possible to use potted bushes and trees in terra cotta pots (Weber 5). The foliage can add extra privacy and landscaping, and is great for "soaking up" excess energy (Water 6). This is especially important because too much water can lead to depression, but wood directs emotional energy into a positive path (Dempsey 4). Fire can be represented by electrical lighting (Weber 5).

Following all of these suggestions will ensure that any home has the most auspicious design for the best flow of qi and the highest level of well-being for its occupants. Of course, a feng shui consultant should be consulted for any major undertaking since s/he can research more specific information and details about the location and make the most accurate recommendations.


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