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Anthony Gaeto Elected Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay


Tampa Bay, FL – May 17, 2011 - Anthony Gaeto the CEO, President of Web Direct Brands Inc., has been elected chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay board for the 2011-12 term. Mr. Gaeto has been an active founding member of the CCCTB since its inception. Within this leadership role, his intention is to further encourage local Florida businesses to develop trade and commerce opportunities with China. As the head of Web Direct Brands Inc., Mr. Gaeto fostered local economic and job growth opportunities by developing products that meet specialized consumer needs nationwide.

Mr. Gaeto is honored to take on the role of Chairman of the Board within the CCCTB organization. He hopes to continue the strong leadership of past Chairmen by contributing the knowledge of first-hand global networking experiences and in turn through these examples, encourage the Tampa Bay area businesses to recognize the pivotal role that the China and its growing consumer market has to offer. For example, Mr. Gaeto discussed how he’d like to create a local China expo, “Its mission will be to export and trade with China and to build economic ties with business leaders in China.” He continued to convey, “by understand the opening Chinese markets (to U.S. business), the Tampa Bay area would find greater untapped opportunities and resources.”

In addition to a China expo, he would encourage a partnership between the CCCTB and Enterprise Florida as well as similar economic growth-building organizations. Likewise, expanding efforts and ideas with other chambers will be mutually beneficial. He explains, “It’s important to reach out and work with other major chambers in the area like St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce because together we can make more of an impact.”

In a more broad-reaching goal Chairman Gaeto expressed, "I want us to work with the United States Department of Commerce [in an effort to] to help open up the Chinese market to businesses in the Tampa bay area"

By leveraging these exciting potential growth opportunities, Mr. Gaeto will continue to align with the CCCTB established mission. By working closely with the board and its members Chairman Gaeto is excited to foster long-term business relationships overseas that will benefit the Tampa Bay economy and improve cultural awareness.