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Welcome to Web Direct
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Web Direct Brands is an online retail corporation that began in 2002. Operating as a corporate base, Web Direct Brands owns and runs a growing number of online e-tailers. These web sites all operate independently of one another, but are governed by the same dedication to customer support and are each held to the same management principles. We provide a retail experience for our customers that far surpasses the information and knowledgeable assistance that can be found in any brick and mortar store, and has been unmatched on the web.
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Our Facilities
        Based in Odessa, Florida, Web Direct Brands is growing by the day. Our facilities have been newly built with our unique business style in mind. The innovative design provides open spaces and lush indoor vegetation for a relaxing and generous personal work area. The buildings also include a conference room, workout facility, coffee shop and more. This is in addition to a large, full pallet warehouse for incoming inventory from our vendors originating in and out of the United States.
        Our facilities are designed to be multi-functional. First and foremost, they are a wonderful place to work. Healthy, relaxing and inviting are a few of the adjectives on which we based the design. Secondly, it is a show room of our best lines. And lastly, it is a fully functional large capacity warehouse for rapid shipping to our valued customers.
Our Stores
        Our stores are built around the premise that a well informed buyer makes the best customer for a mutually beneficial relationship. We design each site from the ground up, putting thought and effort into every page instead of using a cookie cutter design like many other retail companies. Returns are never the end goal for any business and when the return is through mail order, everyone loses. That is why we put so much effort to build our sites in a way that the customer is guided to the correct product for him/her, be it a home improvement DIY product, a musical instrument, cooking tools, or any of our other great product lines. Helpful information that is easy to navigate is at the heart of our sites' sales.
        So we invite you to browse our stores. No matter what your interests or needs are, we feel confident that you will find a product that will enhance your life and save you money.
Our Approach
wdb customer service call         Our sales reps are trained far beyond what you would find at most traditional stores. Every store we have has at least one true expert, and that expert continually trains the other sales reps to better serve the customer. Our reps are all based in the United States, not in a call center overseas, and many of our more technical DIY sites have extended support hours that service 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.
        We believe in the talent of our employees, and that has been the deciding factor that has given us the edge in the industries we take on. Give us a try and we are sure that you, too, will find them to be an excellent complement to our informative sites and rock bottom prices!