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Privacy Policy

We at Web Direct Brands, Inc. recognize our obligation to treat the personal information provided to us by our customers with care.

Some of the personal information provided to us is used by us disclosed to selected third parties. If you use our website and our services, you agree that we may use and disclose your personal information under these guidelines.

Table of Contents

  1. A Special Note About Minors
  2. Children (under 18 years of age) are not permitted to make transactions on our websites. Parents (or legal guardians) may conduct transactions on behalf of their children. These transactions will be governed by all the normal rules as outlined in The Agreement.

  3. Information We Collect
  4. We collect personal information on our site for many reasons: to improve our services; to offer a customized user experience; and to build new services based on our current users.

    We collect information about what customers do on our site, where customers came from (how they find our site), what pages they visit, and where they go when they leave our site. This information is collected in the aggregate and is used to help us create a better, more streamlined user experience for you.

    Some parts of our site require the use of cookies (mostly session cookies that expire when the session is terminated). These cookies enable customers to move freely about the site without the need to reenter personal information at multiple points throughout the site. Customers can refuse the cookies (if the browser permits that), but if they do, they may have a less than desirable user experience and may not be able to access all areas of our site and its services.

    We also collect and keep information every time a customer makes a purchase.

    We do not collect credit card information; we entrust that information to PayPal (an eBay company), a leader in internet payment collections and credit information security.

    We collect and publish information when customers post messages or leave feedback for other users.

    We collect information from emails or letters sent to us by customers.

    When customers use a service offered by another service provider with which we are affiliated, we may collect information about their usage there. See Section 4 below for more information.

  5. Our Use of Your Information
  6. We use information about customers to help us provide them with a better user experience when they visit our site. We also use this type of information to help us target new users and otherwise market our site.

    When we have information to share with you, we may use your email address, your mailing address and your phone number to contact you. We also provide information targeted to your interests from time to time. You give us your permission to do that by accepting this Agreement.

    We use this information individually and in the conglomerate to improve our site, track usage, resolve disputes, locate problems, verify identities and otherwise improve our website and services.

  7. Our Disclosure of Your Information
  8. The nature of the World Wide Web and the existing regulatory environment, we cannot and do not warrant that your private communication and other personal information will not be disclosed in ways that are not covered in this Agreement. For example, we may disclose certain information to law enforcement or other government officials as part of an investigation of fraud, copyright infringement, criminal activity or anything that might result in liability on our part. Although we use widely accepted privacy standards, you should not assume that your personal information will remain private.

    We do not rent or sell your personal information to any third party. There are situations, however, when your information may be disclosed. These are covered below.

    Marketing and Advertising: We provide aggregate information to advertisers and others to comply with contractual obligations. We do not, however, disclose any information to them that can be used to identify you. We will not disclose any credit card information to an advertiser or sponsor.

    Co-Brand Service Providers: We may offer services from other entities on our site. If you choose to use one or more of these services, we will provide them with information about you. We will show you the information before it is passed on, and you may decline to have the information shared. You should also evaluate these services independently before you make a decision to use them.

    Legal Requests: We comply with any legal directives from law enforcement agencies or other third parties with a legitimate interest in law enforcement and intellectual property protection.

    Suppliers and Other Service Providers: As with any business, we may use third party sources as part of our normal business operations. In some cases, acting on our behalf, these sources may collect information about you. In these cases, we will inform you of the relationship in advance and you will be given the opportunity to decline.

    Web Direct Brands, Inc. Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures: We have partners, subsidiaries and joint ventures with organizations around the globe who are involved in person to person transactions. We will share your information with these entities only if they agree to protect it to the level detailed here.

  9. Email This Site to a Friend Service
  10. The "Email This Site to a Friend" service is intended for that purpose alone. Do not send unsolicited commercial messages to anyone by using this service.

  11. Control of Your Password
  12. Some sites require passwords for some services. The password is the key to all of these services. It is the customer¡¯s unique identifier and should be protected. If a customer¡¯s password is compromised, s/he may lose control over his/her personal information. Customers may also be responsible for actions taken by others using their password. Consequently, if a customer feels his/her password has been compromised for any reason, s/he should immediately change it.

  13. Reviewing and Changing Your Personally Identifiable Information
  14. As part of our registration process, customers will be able to review and edit their personal information, including name, address, city, state, zip (postal code), country, phone number, password. Please make sure you update your record any time there is a change.

    Customers are not able to change or remove any public postings made in our public communication areas.

    Because of the nature of digital storage systems, customer personal information may never be fully removed. We may choose to retain files to resolve disputes and troubleshoot. We also routinely back up all our files and systems, so customers should not expect that their information will be completely removed.

  15. Other Information Collectors
  16. Everything contained within this Privacy Policy applies only to the use and disclosure of information we collect from our customers. If they disclose information to others within the website, whether they are other users or our advertisers or partners, different rules may apply. So before you provide any information, including the posting of feedback or other communication within the Web Direct Brands, Inc. system you should carefully consider the privacy issues involved.

  17. Security
  18. We use Secure Socket Layer technologies and other established industry standards to safeguard all of your personal information on Web Direct Brands, Inc. websites. However, no safeguard is foolproof; therefore we will not be responsible for use of personal information if it is lost or stolen.